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January/February 1998
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Peter T. Chattaway
John Wilson, Editor
Roy Anker
Cornelius Plantinga, Jr.
It's hard to be full of grace when you're full of fear.
Michael Cromartie
How the "party of exposure" came to dominate modern culture.
Philip Yancey
The question is not why modern secularists oppose traditional morality; it is on what grounds they defend any morality.
Jean Bethke Elshtain
Raising a "challenged" child in a world that supports good, pleasant eugenics.
Allen C. Guelzo
If consciousness is only an illusion, it's the greatest mistake human beings have ever made.
Timothy C. Morgan
When technology functions as a religion, as savior and liberator, we begin to project divine attributes onto it.
Alan Jacobs
Reading, virtual and otherwise.
Lauren F. Winner
Southern religion revisited.
Ronald A. Wells
Studies of region, class, and gender explain just who is no longer going to church.
David Klinghoffer
Elliott Abrams offers American Jews a secular reason for returning to the faith of their fathers.
Paul Willis
Milton said that a good poet must first be a good man. Wallace Stegner is one of the few twentieth-century writers who took this to heart.
Leland Ryken
Literary approaches to a sacred book.
Elizabeth Fox-Genovese
The compelling world of Dick Francis's mysteries.
Caroline Langston
A novel with a large vision, set on the American frontier.
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