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November/December 1998
Earlier this year the American Film Institute made headlines with a list of the 100 best American films. We asked regular reviewers Roy Anker and Peter Chattaway to give us a modest counterpart: their 10 favorite films. Herewith their lists:
Reflections on God's immanence in creation.
A conversation with Stanley Hauerwas.
A new biography shrinks from social or psychological analysis to portray Dwight L. Moody as a product of Providence.
The story of evangelical Episcopalians is one of near success followed by near suicide.
We are not religious. But we are very spiritual.
The very thing that makes evangelicalism attract and hold large numbers of people undercuts its effectiveness in social reform.
How to be a perspectivalist without losing your foundations.
How the New Yorker's William Shawn gave a home to the brilliant autobiographer Ved Mehta.
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