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Jeff Crosby
A new book about Eugene V. Debs sheds light on free speech and censorship—and civil liberties more generally—during a time of war.
Elissa Elliott
Four novels to read while the leaves are falling.
Phil Christman
After a 30-year silence, David Rhodes returns.
Stephen H. Webb
How to look like you're taking responsibility while you're actually asking for sympathy.
Linda McCullough Moore
A sequel—or a companion—to Gilead, a very different book and just as astonishing.
Rachel DiCarlo Currie
"I'm oil-field trash," the young man told his wife—but he was a good deal more than that.
Jane Zwart
Steven Millhauser's tales chart a tight orbit around the kernel where art and the actual overlap.
Joseph Bottum
Mars in the science-fiction imagination.
Abram Van Engen
Stanley Fish argues that advocacy has no place in the classroom. Is he right?
Todd C. Ream
Preparing teenagers to cope with the "hookup culture" when they go away to college.
Joseph Bottum
The latest book from Norwegian mystery novelist Karin Fossum centers on the disappearance of a nine-year-old girl.
Linda McCullough Moore
Intimations of hope fulfilled in the memoir of a man who treasures trash.
Thomas Gardner
Annie Dillard's The Maytrees.
Elissa Elliott
A first novel that's the literary sensation of the season.
Linda McCullough Moore
Fifty-two churches in a year.
Nathaniel Peters
A lucid account of eight mystics refutes the notion that "all religions are the same at the top."
Elissa Elliott
Four novels that will keep good company with you this summer.
John Wilson
A report on the 2008 conference of The Historical Society.
Linda McCullough Moore
Nam Le's characters may not be from our hometown, but they belong to our family.
Elissa Elliott
A darkly ironic novel sheds light on the recent history of Pakistan.
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