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Elrena Evans
Raising children is the most important work we do for the Kingdom of God. Isn't it?
Kathryn Lofton
Revising perceptions of the influential African American thinker.
Paul C. Merkley
A lucid, painstaking, and refreshingly open-minded account of a much-contested subject.
John Wilson
More titles not to be missed.
Susan Bruxvoort Lipscomb
Paul Mariani's biography of Gerard Manley Hopkins provides extraordinary insight into the craft and faith of a great poet.
John Wilson
Abram Van Engen
Phil Christman
A novel that belongs in the company of Infinite Jest, Ulysses, and War and Peace.
Laurance Wieder
An encounter with Roberto Bolaño.
Elissa Elliott
Diane Johnson's new novel chronicles the misadventures of a CIA agent in the post-9/11 era.
A letter from artist Makoto Fujimura.
Paul Harvey
Why the history of the black "freedom struggle" remains all too relevant today.
David R. Swartz
A report on the evangelical Left.
LaVonne Neff
We're more enlightened. Aren't we?
Andy Crouch
It won't be easy for us—and that's good.
Mark Gauvreau Judge
A holy joy.
Jason Byassee
A 59-year-old linebacker goes back to college to complete his senior season.
Matthew Avery Sutton
Some charismatic leaders have used their hard-won opportunity to preach a message in step with prevailing American materialism.
Amy Julia Becker
From the story of Zaccheus to Down syndrome
Paul Harvey
Mark Noll on race and religion in America.
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