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March/April 2014
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Stephen N. Williams
On the secular and the sacred.
Anna Broadway
Online dating, biology, and "long-term mating strategies."
Alan Jacobs
The sciences, the humanities, and their common enemy.
Andrea Palpant Dilley
An MK's memoir.
R. Stephen Warner
Faith from generation to generation.
Sarah Ruden
A curious account of prison religion.
Douglas Wilson
The Emperor Napoleon.
Jean-Fran├žois Mouhot
A counter-narrative.
Timothy Larsen
19th-century exemplars.
Christine Folch
Prospects for democracy in the Middle East and North Africa.
Philip Jenkins
The Battle of Verdun.
Patrick Connelly
Zarathustra in America.
Thomas Gardner
Stanley Cavell's "Excerpts from Memory."
Tom Shippey
A Christian poet's subtle craft.
Alissa Wilkinson
Lorrie Moore on the loose again.
Micah Mattix
A revealing biography of E. E. Cummings.
Wilfred M. McClay
George Marsden revisits the 1950s.
Daniel Taylor
Richard Rodriguez, contrarian and master of the essay.
Kirby Olson
What's missing from accounts of Marianne Moore's life & works?
Benjamin Myers
The poetry of Paul Mariani.
Stranger in a Strange Land: Rick Ostrander
Brett Foster
Shanna Powlus Wheeler
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