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May/June 2004
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Nathan Bierma
How Wonderbowls changed the world.
John G. Stackhouse, Jr.
A faithful witness at the intersection of sociology and theology.
Lauren F. Winner
Jeffrey Stout reinvigorates the debate over religion in the public square.
Crystal Downing
Forrest Gump without the extravagance: the ordinary life of Bill Porter.
Douglas Jacobsen
Exploring Latino Pentecostalism.
Eric Miller
How we've gone from raising crops to worrying about them.
Ric Machuga
Why there is no dichotomy between facts and values.
Mary Stewart Van Leeuwen
Bridging the gender divide in the workplace.
John Wilson
David Lyle Jeffrey
Kenneth L. Woodward
A masterful life of the Reformer.
Laurance Wieder
In pursuit of a 130-pound photo album.
Lucas E. Morel
Lincoln's legal prudence in ending the peculiar institution.
Philip Jenkins
Muslims in the United States.
Jean Bethke Elshtain
Why do Hitler and the Nazis continue to fascinate?
Todd Hertz
Is it possible to call for help ironically—and really mean it?
Eric Miller
How we've gone from raising crops to worrying about them.
James A. Mathisen
Looking for answers in demographics.
Eugene McCarraher
Pauline self-abandonment as a response to postmodern nihilism.
Jonathon Kahn
Moses Mendelssohn and the Haskalah
Neil Dickson
The capital of the Scottish Enlightenment.
Sam Torode
The intercessor par excellence in country music
Alan Jacobs
Is Geoffrey Hill the greatest living English poet?
Paul C. Merkley
Reinhold Niebuhr's daughter examines her fellow Christians and finds most of them wanting.
Arlene M. SÁnchez Walsh
The overlap between people with the Spirit and people with Ph.D.'s.
John Stenhouse
The importance of place in scientific discovery.
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