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November/December 2004
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Jan Lüder Hagens
How to portray the Holocaust on stage and film.
John Wilson
Alternate History
Ralph C. Wood
A Man Alive in the Midst of Death
Scott Calhoun
Lessons learned in the church of U2.
Jim Ohlson
What's real in espionage fiction?
Peter T. Chattaway
Four recent films show a battle for control among men, women, and machines.
Julie Byrne
A sociologist's surprising encounter with fundamentalism.
Steven Gertz
Three Christians trace their roots back to the Hebrew Bible-and encounter God's present-day chosen people.
Ronald Wells
350 years of Jewish life in America.
S.T. Karnick
The films of Douglas Fairbanks.
Laurance Wieder
In the Turkish city of Kars, schoolgirls forced to abandon their headscarves are killing themselves. A poet who is also a journalist is sent to cover the story.
S.M. Hutchens
Why Lewis was a Protestant.
Eugene McCarraher
American Catholic intellectuals in the Progressive era.
Allen C. Guelzo
John Wilkes Booth assassinated the president. Democracy proved harder to kill.
Justus D. Doenecke
So you think American history from the Great Depression through World War II holds no surprises? Read on.
William Dembski
The inevitable and preordained trajectories of evolution.
James E. Bradley
Conflict and conversation.
Elesha Coffman
Faith, history, and the virtues of evangelical diffidence.
Cindy Crosby
Nostalgia for nature's seasons in a climate-controlled world.
Scott Cairns
John Leax
I Want to Have a Space Alien's Baby
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