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January/February 2004
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Allen C. Guelzo
Is Pakistan a far greater threat to the United States than Iraq was under Saddam Hussein?
Nathan Bierma
Do correctional facilities correct anything?
Mark Galli
The history and future of evangelicalism as a movement.
Karl W. Giberson
A conversation with biologist Ken Miller.
Richard Weikart
Lessons from the euthanasia movement.
Christian Smith
In search of Episcopals and evangelists.
Bruce Ellis Benson
The enigmatic folly of the Cross.
Catherine H. Crouch
Stories from behind the scenes of science.
Miroslav Volf
From a Russian Orthodox philosopher, a provocative alternative to modernity.
Irving Hexham
A surprising genealogy of neopaganism.
Mark Oppenheimer
And why his best stories are still worth reading.
Gerald R. McDermott
A new paradigm for Christian engagement?
Sarah Hinlicky Wilson
The Reformation as a movie.
Philip Jenkins
American Jesus
Mark Noll
Travels in sacred music, from Eureka Springs to Salt Lake City.
Andy Crouch
Albert Borgmann's post-technological feast.
Grayson Carter
Newman and evangelicalism.
Timothy Larsen
The Anglican question.
Eugene McCarraher
The conflicted loyalties of Christian antiliberals.
Paul Gutjahr
Charles Hodge, once a towering figure in American theology.
Caroline Langston
The restless art of Weldon Kees, pursued for mortal stakes.
Walter Brueggemann
Conquest vs. care for the wilderness.
Agnieszka Tennant
It's easy to laud magic when you don't believe in it.
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