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March/April 2004
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Karl W. Giberson
A conversation with biologist Ken Miller.
Carl Plantinga
The life and films of Akira Kurosawa.
Tim Stafford
A parable of the new South Africa.
Ralph Wood
P.D. James' masterful detection of the primal sin.
John Wilson
Christopher Shannon
A call to Christian conspiracy.
Andrew P. Morriss
Using literature to enliven economics.
Arthur Simon
Taking Jesus at his word.
Frederica Mathewes-Green
Susan Wise Bauer
The secret life of chick lit.
Miroslav Volf
On memory and forgiveness.
Michael Cromartie
A conversation with Alan Wolfe.
R. Stephen Warner
So much for being resident aliens.
Bruce Kuklick
Can Protestant historians play by the rules of the secular academy without giving the game away?
Allen Guelzo
How a communal body made its peace with liberal democracy.
Andy Crouch
The pleasures of a Mini Cooper, and other adventures in technology on a human scale.
Preston Jones
Greg Graffin, frontman of Bad Religion, has a freshly minted doctorate in evolutionary biology and a new album coming soon.
David W. Gill
Misleading advice about business ethics from America's leadership expert.
John Schneider
The cramped imagination of utilitarian ethics.
Daniel E. Ritchie
Edmund Burke, the Enlightenment, and postmodernity.
Mark Noll
The difference between global Christianity and world Christianity.
Roy Anker
Entering the world of Krzysztof Kieslowski.
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