The Arts
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John H. McWhorter
Was Hitchcock a master in his use of music?
David Dark
Paying attention to Arcade Fire.
Mark Gauvreau Judge
Radio as it was and might yet be.
Bill McKibben
Walt Disney and his century.
Timothy Larsen
William Holman Hunt and the Pre-Raphaelite vision.
Thomas Hibbs
The moral universe of film noir.
Sarah Hinlicky Wilson
The theology of a comic strip.
Makoto Fujimura
Leonardo da Vinci's Philip in 'The Last Supper'.
Jon Pott
Celebrating Mozart.
Mark Gauvreau Judge
Why rock critics need to re-read Lester Bangs—and JPII.
Lauren F. Winner
The art of Grandma Moses.
Randall J. Stephens and Delvyn Case
Sufjan Stevens and the problem of Christian music.
Edward Short
The life and work of John Tenniel.
Lil Copan
Kate Campbell's Blues and Lamentations tour.
Timothy Larsen
Tommy Dorsey and the big band era.
Peter T. Chattaway
The films of Val Lewton.
Kathryn Long
History and 'The End of the Spear'.
John H. McWhorter
Composing for cartoons.
Roy Anker
The life and films of Sweden's great director.
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