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Thomas C. Oden
Reliving contemporary theology with Carl Braaten.
John Wilson
David Slavitt's new translation of "Orlando Furioso."
Lauren Winner
A dark new novel from Tana French.
Benjamin B. DeVan
A new memoir by Ayaan Hirsi Ali.
Laura C. Miguélez
A critique of Nietzsche's critique of Christianity.
John Wilson
The French legacy of 1968, idiosyncratically assessed.
Grady Powell
A biography of advertising pioneer David Ogilvy.
James Marroquin
The growing threat of antibiotic-resistant staph infections.
Gary M. Burge
A fantasy novel by theologian Alister McGrath.
Lauren Winner
Poems about being a military wife in wartime.
Michael R. Stevens
A biography of Henry Aaron.
William Griffin
A literary translator's rather narrow view.
Lauren Winner
Four slave women and their friendship.
Thomas S. Kidd
A revisionist account of America's founding.
David Michael
As understood by Herman Wouk.
John Wilson
The Cold War's over, but spy fiction flourishes.
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