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November/December 2012
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Mark Lewis
A memoir by John Lithgow.
Sarah Hinlicky Wilson
On holiness.
Mary Stewart Van Leeuwen
Old questions and dubious debates in the psychology of gender.
Philip Jenkins
Revisiting John Brunner's apocalypse.
Edward J. Blum
Learning from the prophetic African American tradition.
Daniel Taylor
A sumptuous history of the English castle.
Diane Glancy
Anna, a prophetess.
Mark Noll
Round 1.
John Haas
George Washington as civil-religious saint.
P.C. Kemeny
An even-handed assessment.
Timothy Jones
Larry Woiwode's measured words.
David Lyle Jeffrey
Rouault and Chagall.
Edward Short
Edward Burne-Jones, the last Pre-Raphaelite.
Joel Sheesley
George Ault and 1940s America.
James Romaine
Netherlandish devotional art on the eve of the Reformation.
Stranger in a Strange Land: John Wilson
Aaron Wilkinson
Jeanne Murray Walker
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