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John Wilson, Editor
Crystal Downing
Waking Ned Devine as apologetic for postmodernism.
Gerald Early
Bourgeois life is about winning; the blues are about losing. Bourgeois life is innocence; the blues are experience.
William Edgar
Arvo Pärt converted to Russian Orthodoxy and brought depth to his music.
Cornelius Plantinga, Jr.
The new homiletics celebrates pilgrimage, not propositions.
Susan Wise Bauer
You'd better stock up. Only those who purchase will survive.
Karl Giberson and Donald Yerxa
A conversation with A. N. Wilson
Betty Carter
Margaret Edson is equally at home in kindergarten and on Broadway.
Betty Carter
Tony Jones
Richard Weikart
William A. Dembski
Wendy Murray Zoba
A stickler for accuracy flubs her facts, while a producer of page-turners leaves his readers reflective
Mark Noll
Preston Jones
Charles Palmer
Thomas Albert Howard
Lauren F. Winner
Material culture, consumerism, and the transformation of the Salvation Army.
Tim Stafford
How black argument led to white commitment.
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