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January/February 1999
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John Wilson, Editor
Eric Metaxas
Chris William Erdman
Pursuing the truth about genocide in the killing fields of Bosnia and Kosovo.
Edward E. Ericson, Jr.
David Martin
Pentecostalism, power shifts, and competition in Latin American religion.
Patrick Allitt
Nancey Murphy
Is there a little man inside your brain?
Karl Giberson
Mark Walhout
Michael Cromartie
A conversation with Paul Vitz.
Lucas E. Morel
Richard J. Mouw
Eugene D. Genovese
How Christians in the South sought to reconcile slavery with Scripture.
Stephen H. Webb
Harold Fickett
Never mind the flap over the Modern Library 100. Why read novels at all?
Timothy C. Morgan
Will America Online become the Microsoft of cyberspace?
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