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David Hempton
Timothy George
Mark Noll, Cochair, Editorial Board
Stefan Ulstein
Five Holocaust survivors tell the camera the bitter truth.
Virginia Stem Owens
I shouldn't have let my parents talk to those funeral salesmen unchaperoned.
J. Bottum
Our language about what a patient "would" want turns sympathy into empathy, pity into murder.
Edward E. Ericson, Jr.
The surprising source of Václav Havel's hope.
Donald Yerxa and Karl Giberson
Jonathan Spence talks about how the subjects of his studies find their voice.
Margaret Kim Peterson
Not accepting yourself is the original sin in these media tales of witchcraft.
Margaret G. Alter
It's not the hand that rocks the cradle, but the one that turns the jump rope that rules the world.
Trey Buchanan
A little historical perspective helps us get a grip on our emotions.
Keith Call
The odyssey of Robert Silverberg, virtuoso of speculative fiction, from prodigy to jaded prizewinner to wily old wizard.
Stephen N. Williams
Theologians in pursuit of the Spirit.
Six scholars explain why they study the origins of Christianity—and why it matters.
Douglas A. Sweeney
Terry C. Muck
Meet the bodhisattva from Nazareth
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