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Philip Jenkins
Why did so many American churches embrace eugenics?
John Stenhouse
The importance of place in scientific discovery.
Karl W. Giberson
A conversation with biologist Ken Miller.
Catherine H. Crouch
Stories from behind the scenes of science.
Walter Brueggemann
Conquest vs. care for the wilderness.
Edward J. Larson
Catherine H. Crouch
C. Christopher Hook
The menace of nanotechnology in storytelling and science
William R. Shea
Reconciling the written Word with the starry skies
Karl W. Giberson
Is our cosmos the whole kaboodle, or is it merely one among an infinite number of universes?
William A. Dembski
Jonathan Wells
Of moths and men: An evolutionary tale
John H. McWhorter
Neither syntax nor semantics maps the full richness of everyday speech.
Donald A. Yerxa
Rediscovering climate's impact on history
John Wilson
Are modern humans the survivors of hundreds of episodes of rapid global cooling?
Richard Weikart
Notorious today as the founding father of eugenics, Francis Galton was honored as one of the leading scientists of his day.
Karl W. Giberson
A conversation with Templeton Prize-winning physicist Paul Davies
Bethany Torode
The natural history of human reproduction.
David N. Livingstone
Why the WTO protestors had it wrong
Karl W. Giberson
Part 3: Summing Newton up.
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