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Kevin J. Corcoran
A Christian materialist alternative to the soul.
Kelly James Clark
Why commentaries are never definitive.
W. Jay Wood
Anger management.
Paige Hochschild
Never tell a lie.
Bruce Kuklick
Misplaced priorities in the teaching of American history.
Alf K. Walgermo
Or do they? A conversation with Norwegian philosopher and Sunday school teacher Henrik Syse.
Roger Lundin
Pragmatism, postmodernity, and the theology of experience.
Eugene McCarraher
Breaking the marriage between heaven and earth.
W. Jay Wood
So says philosopher Simon Blackburn.
John G. Stackhouse, Jr.
Locke and Reid as our epistemological forebears.
Jeet Heer
The Jesuit scholar Walter Ong studied the evolution of human consciousness via the history of communication.
Ric Machuga
Why there is no dichotomy between facts and values.
Jonathon Kahn
Moses Mendelssohn and the Haskalah
Neil Dickson
The capital of the Scottish Enlightenment.
Andy Crouch
The pleasures of a Mini Cooper, and other adventures in technology on a human scale.
Preston Jones
Greg Graffin, frontman of Bad Religion, has a freshly minted doctorate in evolutionary biology and a new album coming soon.
Miroslav Volf
From a Russian Orthodox philosopher, a provocative alternative to modernity.
Andy Crouch
Albert Borgmann's post-technological feast.
Stephen N. Williams
Was the antichrist really religious?
Douglas Groothuis
Looking for fissures in establishment atheist philosophy
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