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Alan Wolfe
Reckoning with evil
Stephen N. Williams
A conversation with Tom Morris
Paige Hochschild
Philosophy as a way of life
Douglas Groothuis
What counts as thinking?
Thomas Albert Howard
Where did the ideas that shape our world begin?
Bruce Ellis Benson
A conversation with philosopher Charles Taylor
David S. Dockery
How to think with the mind of Christ.
Christopher Shannon
William James and consumer religion
Andrew Chignell
Alvin Plantinga's magnum opus
J.L.A. Garcia
Peter Singer and the scandal of "bioethics."
C. Stephen Evans
William A. Dembski
Jeremy Lott
Is the brain a symphony orchestra without a conductor?
Vigen Guroian
Virginia Stem Owens
I shouldn't have let my parents talk to those funeral salesmen unchaperoned.
David C. Downing
How to be a perspectivalist without losing your foundations.
Diane Komp
Joy Alexander
Lake Wobegon confronts postmodernity.
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