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September/October 2007
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Alan Jacobs
Harry Potter's grand finale.
J. Matthew Sleeth
What allergies are telling us.
Bill McKibben
Farming ain't what it used to be.
John Wilson
Craig Mattson
Eugene Peterson's "conversations in spiritual theology."
Sharon Baker and Crystal Downing
The best film you didn't see last year.
Jeremy S. Begbie
Bruce Ellis Benson
Nietzsche and music.
Roger Freet
Theology from a prog rock band.
Valerie Weaver-Zercher
Caring for mother.
Betty Smartt Carter
Adventures Up South.
Sam Torode
Sex in the Bible.
Karl W. Giberson
The extraordinary scientific mind of the "guy in the wheelchair."
Richard N. Ostling
David Skeel
The financial Founding Fathers.
Mark Walhout
Phil Christman
On the road with Cormac McCarthy.
Stephen N. Williams
Laurance Wieder
Poetry from the end of a great dynasty.
Aaron Belz
The Confessional poets as closet modernists.
John G. Turner
The Mountain Meadows Massacre
Greg Cootsona
The impact of the highly improbable.
Robert J. Priest
Nate Zoba
The poetry of Franz Wright.
Luci Shaw
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