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Denis Dutton's theory of art.
Martha Nussbaum's case for the humanities.
Tales of chemistry, from the heroic to the absurd.
A visit to Eighth Day Books in Wichita, Kansas.
How 20th-century novelists regarded secularization.
Sex (SEX, SEX), indie rock, and "the evangelical Christian leadership."
Wise advice from a 17th-century savant.
A sequel to "The Reformation of Ritual," Susan Karant-Nunn's pathbreaking book.
A fresh account emphasizing the turbulent English milieu of the Plymouth colonists.
The Alps, belonging, and Swiss dogs.
Postwar Jewish babies and German abortions.
Good reading for your next sleepless night.
The promising debut of a gritty mystery series.
Carrie Fountain's poems interleave the personal and the political.
How the Minnesota Twins have flourished in a "small market."
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