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Reviewed by Cindy Crosby

Truly God and Truly Man

The second volume in novelist Anne Rice's projected trilogy on the life of Christ focuses on the drama of the incarnation.

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The Road to Cana is remarkable for Rice's lovely prose and rich sensory detail. Rice wants us to taste, touch, feel, listen and hear everything that Jesus might have experienced. He luxuriates in a fresh, clean robe. He listens for the first birds singing by the cold spring of water in the early morning.

Throughout the story, the reader will notice Rice is fascinated with some favorite words that are repeatedly sprinkled throughout the novel: glittering, shimmering, sparkling, dazzling, shining. All words that describe light. And perhaps this is appropriate, given Rice's life spent in darkness looking for light, and now, reflecting it so beautifully through her stories.

The latest buzz about Rice is that she's said she will return one more time to her signature character, the vampire Lestat, now seen through the eyes of faith. Much has been made of this, since Rice had earlier said, quite unequivocally, that after her return to faith she couldn't revisit the fictional world that made her famous. It's too early to judge how this return will play out. In the meantime, I'm looking forward to the concluding volume of Rice's trilogy.

Cindy Crosby is the author of three books, including By Willoway Brook: Exploring the Landscape of Prayer (Paraclete), and editor/compiler of the Ancient Christian Devotional (InterVarsity Press).

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