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Perhaps war really is hell.
If Latin died in our mouths, we'd just stop talking.
The first new book of poems in almost twenty years from Rod Jellema.
The Ascension has been forgotten in many Protestant churches, jettisoning an essential part of the Christian story.
Bedtime stories for grown-ups.
A journey to Mount Athos.
Two sharply contrasting perspectives on Bible translation.
A report on Baylor's Art & Soul conference, version 2005.
Religion is really, really bad for you.
An impassioned plea on behalf of the "caribou people" in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and the land they have inhabited for nearly 20,000 years.
How a chronic pain sufferer found a little bit of strength in a lot of weakness.
A powerful autobiographical work from a prizewinning creator of comics in France.
The 2005 Spring Training preview.
The case for intuitive judgment.
A history of the American movie industry.
Set in Mexico, Anita Desai's latest novel is a compact but multilayered tale of pilgrimage.
The Books & Culture Weblog
John Gardner, Martin Amis, and the ethics of the novel.
The Books & Culture Weblog
The conclusion of our seasonal roundup—and, at last, truly, this time we mean it, The Worst Book of the Year.
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