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Can psychics solve crimes? From CSICOP
The Guardian on optical illusions on humans as natural-born dualists
CSICOP investigates the stigmata


From the New York Times :

LHASA, Tibet—They string brilliantly colored flags from the mountaintops here in this land of impossibly crisp blue skies. Here and there, one finds mounds of smooth, flat rocks, lovingly piled, each inscribed with its own Buddhist scriptural narrative. Water wheels are planted in fast-moving streams, not to harness energy but to turn wooden cylinders laden with scripture. Old women sit on doorsteps in the fading evening light kneading and turning their prayer beads. Visitors to Tibet, this remote, landlocked nation within another country, China, cannot help being struck by the fact that Tibet, which long since gave up its dreams of independence, is fighting now to retain its soul. …

BOSTON—A small, long brick structure whose circular stained glass window with a Star of David makes it stand out from the neat rows of brownstones, Vilna Shul is the last synagogue left on Beacon Hill. It closed in 1985 after Jewish migration to the suburbs left the congregation with one member. The Boston Center for Jewish Heritage later bought the building with the goal of turning it into a museum. Andrew Perlman said he immediately knew he had discovered the place for Havurah on the Hill. (Havurah means gathering in Hebrew.) Havurah on the Hill, was started in 2001 when a group of friends in their 20's were trying to gather people their age for Sabbath services followed by a kosher dinner.

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