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Scott Dill
John Darnielle's fierce sobriety.
John Wilson
A new novel by "the best-kept secret among contemporary American writers."
D. H. Dilbeck
William Tecumseh Sherman's tangled life.
Rachel Marie Stone
A bleak parable with satiric ambitions.
Jason Hood
"Energy flows in this space."
Brett Foster
"What thou lov'st well is thy true heritage."
Catherine Hervey
Whose fault is this?
Charles Carman
A novel that points toward repentance.
John Wilson
ArtPrize 2014.
Brett Beasley
Art and faith in a neo-Romantic age.
Drew Moser, Jess Fankhauser, and Jeff Aupperle
Choosing to be "implicated."
Philip Yancey
Paradoxes abound.
Gerald J. Russello
A cultural history of Virgil's "Aeneid."
Karen Swallow Prior
Haunting, defiant, demanding to be heard.
Lisa Auster-Gussman
How we as a society ended up where we are.
John Wilson
One last Wallander story.
Aleah Marsden
Desire distilled.
Bruce Wiebe
A story of "the most vulnerable among us."
John Wilson
A novel goes behind the scenes of the Cuban Missile Crisis.
Carissa Turner Smith
Lev Grossman concludes his trilogy.
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