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Lauren F. Winner
How medieval stories about desecrating the Eucharist were used to justify the murder of Jews.
Daniel Taylor
David Lyle Jeffrey
Wendy Murray Zoba
Native American novelist and poet Diane Glancy writes by listening.
Virginia Stem Owens
Science is always entangled in the particulars of a time and place.
John Wilson
Thomas C. Oden
Lyman A. Kellstedt, Corwin E. Smidt, James L. Guth, and John C. Green
Evangelical Protestants and the 2000 election.
Mark R. Gornik
Stefan Ulstein
Why do so many recent Chinese films feature strong women?
David Martin
Evangelicalism flourishes. But can it overcome the inner contradictions brought about by its success?
Donald A. Yerxa
A conversation with missiologist Andrew Walls.
Mark Noll
The rise and fall of the King James Bible.
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