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Talking About REAL Marriage

Thanks for the article on Mark and Grace Driscoll's Real Marriage [Susan Wise Bauer, "Talking About REAL Marriage," January/February]. As a military chaplain, I work with a lot of young people in both good and troubled marriages, and I am always looking for good resources to read and to give away to my couples. I will not be reading nor recommending the Driscolls' book.

I tend to be on the busy side and try to be wise about my reading. Books & Culture has stayed on my reading list for several years. It is articles like Bauer's that keep me coming back for more every couple of months. The bonus this time is that I was saved from reading a book that may well have not been published had it not been for Pastor Mark's celebrity pastor status.

This goes to a point about the celebrity culture that has invaded the evangelical world. The article could be seen as much as a necessary indictment of celebrity Christianity as it is a reminder that speaking to a couple that has managed to stay married is more valuable than reading the latest fad book.

Thanks for your great magazine and please keep up the hard work.

Chaplain Gregory S. Woodard
Station Chaplain
Marine Corp Air Station Yuma

On Christopher Lasch

May I offer a few brief reflections on James D. Bratt's review of Eric Miller's biography of my late friend, Christopher Lasch, Hope in a Scattering Time ["The Legacy of Christopher Lasch," January/February]? In a short book review, one can only do so much, but there are a few themes given scant attention by Bratt that surely deserve mention. Part of what Kit Lasch was up to was offering a "counter-tradition" of sorts to the dominant American story, a tale of ever-onward, ever-upward Progressivism, whether of the left or the right. (Each had its own version, when you came down to it.) He put folks like Randolph Bourne back into the pantheon of those one should never neglect, but who are routinely neglected. Along the way I believe he misread some ...

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