Mark Noll and Bruce Hindmarsh

Rewriting the History of Evangelicalism

W. R. Ward, 1925-2010

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Bruce saw Reg once more in June 2009 in Manchester. At 84 years of age and with cancer, Reg had taken the train up from his home at Petersfield near Portsmouth on the south coast to attend a lecture. They got to spend a couple of hours together on a sunny bench, him with his rosy cheeks, leaning on his cane, talking by turns about the 18th century and eminent German atheists. As always, it seemed that he had read everything. Among those of us who knew him, he shall be remembered fondly for his spirited, contrarian opinions, expressed always with a twinkle in his eye, and for his kind and generous manner on occasions like that—as well as for the way he spent his retirement re-writing the whole history of early evangelicalism.

1. Journals and Diaries, ed. W. Reginald Ward and Richard P. Heitzenrater, vols. 18-24 of The Works of John Wesley (Abingdon, 1988-2003).

Mark Noll is Francis A. McAnaney Professor of History at the University of Notre Dame. Bruce Hindmarsh is James M. Houston Professor of Spiritual Theology at Regent College in Vancouver, B.C.

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