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Baylor Going Forward

A conversation with Ken Starr.

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In my own experience, many of the greatest scholars are among the greatest teachers. As we increase the emphasis on research in the sciences here at Baylor, we're actually serving the best interest of our undergraduates in a very practical way. Baylor, as I said earlier, is a great training ground for future doctors and health care providers more generally. Medical schools now want proof that you as an undergraduate engaged in serious research. That's relatively new, as I understand it. Well, guess what? At Baylor, professors engaged in serious scientific research want undergraduates to come alongside them. These scholars were drawn to Baylor in part because, as a university, we want to empower undergraduates to do their very best. I think there's a consensus here that to be a great scholar is not to neglect the teaching enterprise.

Todd C. Ream is associate professor of humanities and Senior Scholar for Faith and Scholarship in the John Wesley Honors College at Indiana Wesleyan University. His most recent book, with Timothy W. Herrmann and C. Skip Trudeau, is A Parent's Guide to the Christian College: Supporting Your Child's Heart, Mind, and Soul During the College Years (Abilene Christian Univ. Press).

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