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by David C. Downing

The Mystery of Spirit Possession(Part 1)

Books discussed in this essay

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Suddenly, she falls into a trance, her eyes rolling back and then her eyelids snapping tightly shut. Her body is alternately rigid, then convulsed with seizures that would seem to pull her bones out of joint. She speaks in a voice not her own, sometimes barking like a dog or howling like a wolf. She looks at people, or creatures, that no one else in the room can see, often conversing with them at length.

She cries out that she is being choked, clawed, or burned, even as welts or red marks appear on her body. If not guarded, she may try to cut herself or cast herself into a well or a fire. She has difficulty talking, sometimes becoming entirely mute, sometimes speaking in what would seem to be a foreign tongue. Some witnesses claim that in her trance state, she can see things hidden from her physical senses, that she can read their thoughts, that she has a nimbleness of mind or ...

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