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Fulsomely Yours

Author Anker's [March/April] appreciation of the word "uxorious" was appreciated--but o! to find the word "fulsome" in line 2 misused was very sad!

Mrs. Robert W. Teague

York, Penn.

Mrs. Teague was one of a number of readers who pointed out that gaffe. Thanks to all who wrote. Visualize if you can the editor in sackcloth.--JW

King's Christian Novel?

Susan Wise Bauer [March/April] says that Stephen King's description of Desperationas a "deeply Christian book" will surprise anyone who has read it. I couldn't disagree more. After reading it I began to suspect, and hope, that King might actually be a Christian. I could think of no other explanation for the sort of book he has written. The God in Desperation is not "an undemanding fellow who assigns the job of overcoming Tak to his human creations, and then desperately hopes they can pull it off." On the contrary, the God in Desperation demands total commitment from the characters, and it is only through his strength and guidance that they are able to defeat evil.

Christina Stegall

South Hamilton, Mass.


Three points. First, I am surprised that well-traveled journalist Robert D. Kaplan [March/April] continues to use the term "Third World" when this label has become almost meaningless, especially after the collapse and fragmentation of the Soviet Union--the erstwhile "Second World." Second, there is no such word as "machiadoras" in Spanish. What Kaplan and Cromartie probably meant was "maquiladoras," the exploitative assembly and manufacturing plants established mostly by foreign capital in Northern Mexico. You may need someone who nous Espanish in your editorial team! Third, as a new subscriber I am thoroughly enjoying the content of each issue of your journal. Congratulations on your courageous and successful effort to approach American culture from an informed and critical biblical-Christian perspective!

Humberto M. Rasi

Silver Spring, Md.

Make that sackcloth and ashes.

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