Interview by Todd C. Ream

The Dean of Christian Scholars

A conversation with Mark Noll.

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What do you have planned after your formal retirement in May?

Like so many people who "retire," I hope to keep on doing many of the things I've always done, with fewer restrictions on my time. I would like to finish the project on the Bible in American public life into the early 20th century. I also have ideas for projects having to do with hymnody and Canada, and several plots for novels are bouncing around in my mind. My wife would say, and I would agree with her, that I've got to do something with my books because I've got too many of them to move to a smaller accommodation.

I am also very concerned about the placement of PhD students. I feel extremely privileged to have worked with excellent students. But I am also aware of the terrific strain in finding regular employment. So I write a lot of letters of recommendation these days, and I expect to be doing that for quite a few years into the future as the Lord gives me health and keeps my mind sane. I'm very much committed to that enterprise and will not mind at all requests to write letters so long as I can handle a keyboard and have something rational to commend about students.

Todd C. Ream is professor of higher education at Taylor University and research fellow with Baylor University's Institute for Studies of Religion. His most recent book, Restoring the Soul of the University (with Perry L. Glanzer and Nathan Alleman), is scheduled for release in February by InterVarsity Press.

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