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Visions of Vocation: Common Grace for the Common Good
Visions of Vocation: Common Grace for the Common Good
Steven Garber
IVP Books, 2014
256 pp., 18.00

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Drew Moser, Jess Fankhauser, and Jeff Aupperle

Visions of Vocation

Choosing to be "implicated."

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Visions of Vocation invites readers into what feels like a fireside chat with poets, musicians, and artists of all kinds on living a life of significance. It is a chat that feels preliminary but substantive; the kind of conversation you leave looking forward to the next one. While Garber weaves this myriad of voices together well, some may struggle with the broadness of his own "vision" of vocation. This frustration should not prevent the reader from recognizing that, while broad, Garber's book also provides a sorely needed depth to the issue of vocation. His hopeful use of "implication" counters its common use and invokes a sense of called responsibility that inspires. It places the issue of calling properly in the brokenness of humanity, thwarting idyllic notions of saving a country, or a people, simply with the gumption that comes from being "called" to the task.

If angst-filled young adults are looking for a formula to discern their future, it cannot be found in this book. Likewise, if theologians are looking for a systematic treatise on vocation, they too will be disappointed. However, what they will find is probably more valuable: a book that causes readers to think about their lives in new and challenging ways, exploring questions which, when answered in good conscience, comprise a fabric of faithfulness.

Drew Moser is Associate Dean of Students and the Director of Calling and Career at Taylor University. Jess Fankhauser is the Assistant Director of the Calling and Career at Taylor University. Jeff Aupperle is Director of Indiana Employer Relations at Taylor University. Together they are the primary researchers of the Vocation and College Project, which studies vocation in the undergraduate experience.

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