Sunshine Wound
Sunshine Wound
L. S. Klatt
Parlor Press, 2014
92 pp., $14.00

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Jeffrey Bilbro

Sunshine Wound

The restorative force of "dream power."

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There is hardly anything killed/ that does not live again; the tiger/ by the scruff of its neck is borne in the mouth
of God, God/ with ultraviolet stripes that are the wounds of generations. The ice-laden/ elms, whose limbs bear the Emerald
Ash Borer, are on fire now & again because of/ sunbursts; unexpected each breath that surpasses breath; thus, enough said.

In these slashed lines, God takes on the wounds of generations. This divine suffering makes possible the poem's final image, where notwithstanding its disease, the elm catches the sunlight, reflecting it brilliantly from ice-encased branches. These poems bear witness to a God who bore the suffering of the world until he could say, "It is finished." Perhaps the void we experience is but the fermata of a half-ton heart. And perhaps Klatt's impastoed images can teach us to dream of a wedding cake that we will one day share with the Creator. Sunshine Wound is Klatt's third book, and its haunting images and rich existential questing promise that he will continue to invigorate the "dream power we are apt to forget."

Jeffrey Bilbro is assistant professor of English at Spring Arbor University.

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