Science in Focus: Abby M. Hodges

What I Wish I Had Known, Part 1

The delight of interdisciplinary problem-solving.

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Additionally, interdisciplinary fields require a scientist to be continually learning. All scientists are learning the new developments in their field, but in interdisciplinary work, I am regularly learning new fields!! Graduate school afforded me the opportunity to learn both synthetic organic chemistry skills and extensive cell culture processes. This of course presents its own challenges as I try to gain expertise in a variety of fields. However, my desire to do a little bit of everything is fully satisfied working as a chemical biologist.

Finally, I love being at the forefront of drawing connections between two different areas of research. Getting to work with biologists and chemists simultaneously—figuring out how each approaches problems differently and then using the best from both—is energizing and motivating. And when interdisciplinary research is combined with a topic that is growing and changing and making a difference in people's lives, going to work each day is just a little more exciting.

Abby M. Hodges is assistant professor of chemistry at Azusa Pacific University.

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