Surprised by Oxford: A Memoir
Surprised by Oxford: A Memoir
Carolyn Weber
Thomas Nelson Inc, 2011
457 pp., $16.99

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Jeff Crosby

Surprised by Oxford

A memoir for pilgrims like us.

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And fast by hanging in a golden chain

This pendent world, in bigness as a star

Of smallest magnitude close by the moon

Weber pulled out a beautiful piece of sea glass attached to a fine, silver chain. "I drew it out carefully, admiring how the sea jewel's brilliant blues and greens shimmered in suspension against the red and orange flame," Weber writes with elegance and detail. "My breath caught at its seeming fragility, at its bright and bold beauty.

"How can we be so small, and so significant?


"Boxes and boxes of paradoxes! Open them all up, and therein glistens the gift of truth."

Professor Deveaux did not live to hear a firsthand account of Weber's surprise in Oxford. But he would have been delighted by her acceptance of the gift of triune truth, in the midst of its paradoxes.

Jeff Crosby is the associate publisher at InterVarsity Press in Downers Grove, Illinois. He is the editor and compiler of Days of Grace Through the Year, a collection of meditations drawn from the writings of Lewis B. Smedes.

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