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And other good books (including audio books) from 2007.
A man under authority.
A conversation with Lauren Winner about Jan Karon's fiction.
And other books to delight the eye.
Some fiction worth listening to.
The Russians are coming, again.
Not quite.
The balance-sheet for Christianity.
A response to Keith Pavlischek.
A report from San Diego.
In Iraq, in Denmark—wherever there are human beings making choices.
Some reading for the Hot Stove League.
Plus: The Sixties, Revisited, continued.
Dave Eggers' latest anthology of "Nonrequired Reading."
Book reviews, the Book Review, the fate of civilization, etc.
The quasi-religious basketball rivalry between Duke and North Carolina.
Don't know much historiography.
The long shelf-life of last year's real playoff heroes—and this season's questions.
This circus novel, a surprise hit, is now headed for the movies.
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