By John Wilson

Book 'Em!

The concluding installment of our three-part midyear book roundup.

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But enough of Bad Books. There are many more good ones worth mentioning, and a long list of "forthcoming," more than we have space for. Mention of Christopher Buckley (whose forthcoming novel, Florence of Arabia, was noted last week) reminds me also to mention a book by that other Buckley, Miles Gone By: A Literary Autobiography (Regnery), not a continuous narrative but a superb anthology assembled by the founder of National Review. (Look for a B&C review in the November/December issue.)

Not so enjoyable but indispensable is The 9/11 Commission Report (Norton). And if immersion in the failures of our intelligence agencies leaves you utterly dejected, you might consider as an antidote Dark Voyage (Random House), the latest novel by Alan Furst, master of the espionage genre. If you like this one, there are seven more; best to start at the beginning. And be sure to have an atlas close at hand.

This concludes our midyear roundup. Again, thanks for your comments.

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