By John Wilson

Beyond Belief?

Nobel Prize-winner V.S. Naipaul's accounts of Islam presuppose the superiority of modern skepticism.

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From this perspective, Christianity is more acceptable than Islam only insofar as Christians have learned to accommodate the demands of the "universal civilization." Naipaul's 1989 account of travels in the Bible Belt, A Turn in the South, is much gentler than his reports from Islamic lands, but it displays the same impervious condescension.

Christians, then, should read Naipaul's accounts of Islam with caution, as believers reading about other believers. Certainly anyone who cares for truth is in Naipaul's debt. He has often said, truthfully, what others have refused to say; in this respect he counters the whitewashing accounts of Islam we mentioned last week. But like so many others who set themselves up as impartial observers of human folly, he is blind to his own self-serving prejudices.

John Wilson is editor of Books & Culture and editor-at-large for Christianity Today.

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