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Marci Rae Johnson

Jesus Accelerates a Particle

Because of its success in explaining a wide variety of experimental results, the Standard Model is sometimes regarded as a "theory of almost everything."—Wikipedia

for Chris Wiman
96% of the universe is what we don't
see. When Jesus held up his arms
to part the atoms he did not indicate
you had to have mass: your particles
all accounted for but the one that really
mattered. He did not specify you the one
to live forever, the one to write the poem
that completes the theory of everything.
It is not possible to see in the dark to
discover the spot on the x-ray where expansion
of the universe is apparent. He, who put
you together in, who knew you when, raising
his arms, letting you go, accelerating you
toward the speed of light though you never
quite arrive. Your body gaining mass your
hair growing back, time slowing down
for everyone but you.

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