The American Bird Conservancy Guide to Bird Conservation
The American Bird Conservancy Guide to Bird Conservation
Daniel J. Lebbin
University of Chicago Press, 2010
456 pp., $45.00

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Katelyn Beaty

Saving the Birds

A gentle activism.

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Moments like these seem to me the best apologetic for bird conservation. The ABC recognizes this. In the section "Why Conserve Birds?" the authors write that "we value [birds] intrinsically, incorporating them as symbols in our religions, cultures, and national identities. They touch our hearts with their beauty, and fill our minds with wonder." With 10,000 (and counting!) species worldwide, losing a species or two to development, especially to the kind that benefits humans, seems inevitable, and not that big of a deal. But try telling the reserved Methodist couple from the Midwest that their first encounter with the red-headed woodpecker was also their last, and you may get your gentle activists yet.

Katelyn Beaty is an associate editor at Christianity Today magazine, where she manages the women's blog. She is working on a CT article series about U.S. cities.

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