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Lauren Winner

A Note to Our Readers

Apologies to The New Yorker: Books & Culture is the only periodical I read cover-to-cover, the day it arrives. Since I first started reading B&C in 1997, I have fantasized about its becoming a monthly (and, actually, a weekly). Now those fantasies vie for space in my head with real concerns about the magazine's future. Books & Culture is a truly unique periodical: where else can you find an incisive discussion of the culture of B&Bs cheek-by-jowl with an assessment of JPII by the late, great Elizabeth Fox-Genovese (that was January 2000), or an analysis of Calvin and Hobbes and a piece on how to address God (January 2007)? I'm supposed to ask you to mail in a check of support—and I am asking that. But I'll also ask what I ask friends who read B&C all the time: consider giving a gift subscription (or six). That would not only help keep the lights on—it would also introduce someone else to this intellect-stretching, faith-sustaining, totally wonderful magazine.

—Lauren Winner is an assistant professor at Duke Divinity School.

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