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Jews, Christians, and God

Thank you for publishing Lauren Winner's five-part series on "Jews, Christians, and God" [November/December 2000, January/February, May/June, July/August, September/October 2001]. This informed and thoughtful collection of essays has provided an excellent format for exposing the root and struggles of an oft neglected yet important historic relationship within our contemporary religious culture. Winner's work is insightfully written, sensitive in spirit, and tuned in to many of the critical current issues being faced in the Christian-Jewish encounter. Readers may glean much from her lucid and perceptive analysis. Congratulations to B&C for providing this relevant series. Winner's reflective articles demonstrate the vital niche in religious journalism B&C has continued to carve out for itself since its inception.

I enjoy your newsletter and find a number of the articles challenging. I am a Catholic Christian married to a Protestant Christian (Church of Scotland). Together we have made tremendous steps to bridge the divide between our traditions—hence my interest in your Web site.

I read with interest your article on Edith Stein—a martyr whose anniversary we celebrated recently ["The Problem of Edith Stein," July/ August]. However, I found the author gave a fairly one-sided argument. There are a number of helpful articles relating to Edith Stein at the Web site, Catholic Exchange (www.moff.org).

I find it narrow-minded to see Edith's conversion to Catholicism as a rejection of Judaism. Would you lay that accusation at the feet of Jesus and the Apostles? At heart we are all semites—Christianity is the fulfilment of the Old Covenant. If you research Catholicism you will find that we hold true to many of the Jewish beliefs and traditions.

Promise Keepers' theology of gender

A decade ago, when I still counted myself an evangelical, I remember having fierce debates about gender roles, especially about the Promise Keepers' theology of gender. ...

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