January/February 2014
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Jonathan Hiskes
Bill McKibben's testimony.
Betty Smartt Carter
Advice for working women.
Douglas Wilson
A "biography" of the Book of the Common Prayer.
George Marsden
David Hollinger on liberal Protestantism.
Jason Byassee
Where are the good stories?
Makoto Fujimura
Japan's response to disaster.
Noah J. Toly
Urban dynamism, utopian dreams, and human brokenness.
Amy E. Black
How the U.S. Congress works—and how it doesn't.
Alan Jacobs
Thomas Pynchon comes home.
Steven D. Ealy
Farmer vs. shepherd.
James K. A. Smith
Don't smooth out the folds.
Jesse Covington, Maurice Lee, Sarah Skripsky, and Lesa Stern
4 questions on "Imagining the Kingdom."
John Schmalzbauer
American evangelicalism's "crisis of authority."
Wilfred M. McClay
Coming to terms with past wrongs.
Andrew L. Wilson
Peter Brown on the making of Western Christianity.
Matt Jenson
Oliver O'Donovan's Pentecostal ethics.
Nate Jones
Christianity and Asia.
Alister Chapman
Two cheers for the European Union.
Christina Bieber Lake
Margaret Atwood completes a dystopian trilogy.
Liam Corley
American poetry and the Civil War.
Philip Jenkins
Rich, tragic, not without hope.
Stranger in a Strange Land: Rachel Marie Stone
Tania Runyan
Luci Shaw
Marci Rae Johnson
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