Religion & Theology
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Alister Chapman
Muslim immigrants to Britain and the claims of multiculturalism.
Robert Gundry
Who were—and are—the Samaritans?
Tae Sung
A conversation with Jack Miles.
David Bebbington
Part 1 in an occasional series.
Kimlyn Bender
A generous orthodoxy.
Michael Ledger-Lomas
The Kingdom of God in East London.
Stephen N. Williams
Not least for his medicinal efficacy.
James K. A. Smith
Unapologetic Canadianness keeps the conversation lively.
Michael A. Skaggs
New beginnings for Catholic-Jewish relations.
Wesley Hill
The disruptive Christ-event.
Ronald J. Sider
Distinguishing speculation from historical fact.
James McCullough
Trevor Hart's theology of art.
Tony Jones
It ain't easy.
Wesley Hill
Women and the priesthood.
Gene L. Green
The legacy of Richard Twiss.
Noah Toly
Jacques Ellul's home Bible studies—and the light they shed on his work as a whole.
Amy L. B. Peeler
How believers in the first millennium read non-canonical texts.
Carissa Turner Smith
Scholarly clickbait.
Peter J. Thuesen
Mark Noll on the Bible in public life.
Philip Jenkins
Early Christian-Muslim encounters.
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