Fourth of July Creek
Bruce Wiebe

After finishing the final page of Smith Henderson's mesmerizing first novel, Fourth of July Creek, you bump into the acknowledgments, ...

Letter from the Editor06.11.14

In the summer of 1994, a couple of weeks after I'd arrived in the Midwest, Mickey Maudlin—who was then the managing editor of Christianity ...

Back Channel08.25.14
John Wilson

Like his previous book (reviewed here), The Impeachment of Abraham Lincoln, a counterfactual tour de force, Stephen Carter's Back Channel ...

The Magician's Land08.22.14
Carissa Turner Smith

"At the heart of many man-made stories of the elves lies, open or concealed, pure or alloyed, the desire for a living, realized sub-creative ...

The Age of Atheists08.21.14
Lincoln Mullen

The most common charge that Christians level against atheists is that they have no morals. This suspicion has deep historical roots. In the ...

Taking Philosophy to the Masses06.11.14
Stranger in a Strange Land: James S. Spiegel

This is a guest column by James S. Spiegel, professor of philosophy and religion at Taylor University. With Steven B. Cowan, he is the author ...

Fashion on the Street06.11.14
Laura Turner

I was 14 years old when I first went to Hawaii, a spring break trip for our family of five to descend on the white sand beaches of Honolulu ...

Rooted Hope for the Church08.18.14

The Englewood Review of Books.

Reading Dante08.15.14
Kate Tracy

I read The Divine Comedy for the first time as an eighth-grader. As I struggled through 99 cantos of medieval poetry, getting lost in the ...

A Novel of the Great Awakening06.11.14
Richard A. Bailey

While we might not always trace the idea back to Aristotle in the Poetics, most of us are familiar with the idea that art imitates life. ...

Is Religious Journalism Haunted?08.13.14
Alissa Wilkinson

Traditional journalism supposed a writer who could stand apart from her subject, observe it, investigate it, and write down those observations ...

Bromwich's Bracing Distinctions06.11.14
Helen Andrews

David Bromwich in his career as an essayist has run contrary to most trends among public intellectuals. For one thing, he is one. And not ...

Coming Attractions for 2014, Part 608.07.14

J. Richard Middleton’s “holistic eschatology.”

In the Courtyard of the Kabbalist08.08.14
John Wilson

Jerusalem is a setting that tempts novelists, but it comes with high risks attached. Muriel Spark's only bad book, The Mandelbaum Gate, is set ...

How It Will Be06.11.14
David Skeel

On dull Friday nights back in college, a friend and I sometimes played a game we called "Cliché." One of us lobbed a cliché, ...

"Imitate Him If You Dare"06.11.14
Karen Swallow Prior

I have one word to say upon the subject of profound writers, who are grown very numerous of late; and I know very well the judicious world ...

"Doing God"06.11.14
Naomi Haynes

Christianity turns on a number of paradoxes. The Christian God is both imminent and transcendent; Jesus Christ is both human and divine; ...

Library Discards08.04.14

Take and read.

A Rollicking Series of Adjectival Lamentations06.11.14
Luci Shaw
An extremely unfortunate blunder.
A dreadfully one-sided report.
A rumor that rumbles like thunder.
A largely uncalled-for retort.
An ...
What Peter Looked Like Stepping on Water06.11.14
Benjamin Myers
Maybe like my drunk buddy
trying to ice fish
on a farm pond
in Oklahoma
suddenly ankle deep in cold cow water.
Or like my own small ...
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