When the Wolf Comes Home
Scott Dill

John Darnielle opens his new novel, Wolf in White Van, with a description of a father carrying his son to bed. This child, however, isn't ...

Theology as Prayer10.17.14
Alan G. Padgett

We Christians have a love-hate affair with bodies and with desire, or at least that has been true for most of us for most of our history. ...

John Wilson

Some years ago, I described the novelist and poet Marly Youmans as "the best-kept secret among contemporary American writers." ...

Treasure in Heaven10.17.14
John G. Stackhouse, Jr.

In his fine study of Sin: A History (Yale, 2010), Notre Dame professor of theology Gary Anderson rendered an understanding of his subject ...

"Responsible Remembrance"10.17.14
Amy Brown Hughes

Candida Moss has distinguished herself over the last few years as a productive scholar, especially on the subject of early Christian martyrdom. ...

Maigret, Newly Translated11.17.14

A reissue of Simenon’s great series.

Words and Deeds11.13.14
D. H. Dilbeck

William Tecumseh Sherman certainly had a way with words. Not long after he captured Atlanta in early September 1864, Sherman infamously expelled ...

Inerrancy: A Cartesian Faux-Pas?10.17.14
Russell W. Howell

"If I were asked what was the most disastrous moment in the history of Europe I should be strongly tempted to answer that it was that ...

Bigots Are Really Bigoted10.17.14
Naomi Schaefer Riley

If the people who run The Onion ever decide to launch an academic publishing arm, I have a manuscript to recommend. The only problem is that ...

Foreign Gods, Inc.11.11.14
Rachel Marie Stone

The bare skeleton of the plot of Okey Ndibe’s Foreign Gods, Inc.-- in fact, even the brief sketch on the jacket flap--has promise of ...

Doubting the Signature10.17.14
Robert Bishop and Robert O’Connor

All Christians affirm design because the entire universe is the creative work of God. However, believers differ over how to discern design, ...

The Road Not Taken10.17.14
P. C. Kemeny

In Jesus Christ and the Life of the Mind, historian Mark Noll laments that "far too many of us" evangelical Christians "still ...

The Zimzum of Love11.05.14
Jason Hood

The following is an edited transcript from the Summer 2011 editorial meeting of the Shadow Government of Religious Publishing, known in the ...

Poems That Make Grown Men Cry11.04.14
Brett Foster

I might as well admit my skeptical first impression: Poems That Make Grown Men Cry? What kind of a title is that? Is this a threatening poetry ...

The Tallgrass Prairie Reader10.31.14

Glimpses of a lost world.

Suspicious Packages10.17.14
Michael Robbins

I would like to commend myself for not beginning this review with "Aaron Belz is da bomb." And I think you, reader, should commend ...

All Our Names10.29.14
Catherine Hervey

Dinaw Mengestu retreads some familiar territory in his latest novel, All Our Names. He has always made his thematic home in the immigrant experience ...

Juicers, Cheaters, and Men Who Hate Hillary10.17.14
Andrea Palpant Dilley

In the mid 1990s, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Susan Faludi launched an investigation of American masculinity for a book called Stiffed: ...

Foundation and Empire10.17.14
Philip Jenkins

Beginning in the 1940s, Isaac Asimov created with his Foundation series an enduring classic of science fiction. He depicted the development ...

The Noah Sphinx08.20.14
Timothy Larsen

I have never attended a séance, but from what I have read they seem to consist largely of interrogating the deceased. As this is odd ...

A Prophet with Attitude08.20.14
LaVonne Neff

Many decades ago my six-year-old daughter Heidi came home from church and announced, "I'm not going back to Sabbath school ever ...

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