What Peter Looked Like Stepping on Water
Benjamin Myers
Maybe like my drunk buddy
trying to ice fish
on a farm pond
in Oklahoma
suddenly ankle deep in cold cow water.
Or like my own small ...
Theological Seitz in Paul's Letter to the Colossians06.11.14
Robert Gundry

The series Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible has as its goal an interpretation of the Old and New Testaments according to an overall ...

Close Call07.25.14

A new Liz Carlyle novel from Stella Rimington.

Entering the House of Awe07.25.14
Mike Cosper

Recently, the poet and critic William Logan summed up the way that many poets and readers alike tend to see poetry. "There are still ...

A Vast Horde of Souls06.11.14
Wesley Hill

On a recent weekend trip to New York City, I bolted from Ground Zero over to Wall Street, wanting as little time in the numbing cold as possible, ...

John Wilson

Women read fiction more than men do; girls read fiction more than boys do. The category known as Young Adult fiction—flourishing these ...

Rebellious Joy06.11.14
William Edgar

Around three in the afternoon somewhere deep in the Crescent City the club orchestras gather, five or six of them. Someone sets a slow beat, ...

Coming Attractions for 2014, Part 507.21.14

The Girl Next Door.

Farewell to the Golden Age07.18.14
Philip Yancey

I have lived through the golden age of publishing, first with magazines and then with books. I began my career at Campus Life in 1971, and in ...

Bad Connection06.11.14
Naomi Schaefer Riley

A friend recently relayed to me a story about a pastor he knew who decided to print the Facebook pages of some of the teens in his congregation, ...

Academic Divisions06.11.14
Timothy Larsen

Sell all the books you have which purport to explain the nature of the academic disciplines and buy James Turner's Philology: The Forgotten ...

Remembering My Friend Chris Mitchell07.15.14
Wesley Hill

When I stepped off the train in Oxford, Chris was standing there in the station waiting for me, his face breaking into its characteristic goofy ...

Coming  Attractions for 2014, Part 407.14.14
Asher Gelzer-Govatos

Summer is the time when Hollywood pulls out every trick in its bag to get people to come to the theater. Mostly this strategy revolves around ...

Three Little Bops06.11.14
John H. McWhorter

In 1957, a Looney Tune cartoon called "Three Little Bops" recast the Three Little Pigs tale in jazz, with the pigs as a beret-wearing ...

The Voyage07.09.14
Jane Zwart

Murray Bail's The Voyage came out in Australia, which its narrator repeatedly calls "the New World," two years ago. At which ...

By the Rivers of Water07.08.14
Robert Elder

In his selected essays, To Begin Where I Am, the Polish poet Czeslaw Milosz describes growing up on his grandfather's farm in Lithuania beside ...

"A Weird from Sturk to Finnic"06.11.14
Alan Jacobs

Once upon a time, so the village elders tell us, there reigned a gentle though rather dull king called Literary Criticism, who always wore ...

Wasting July07.04.14
Caleb D. Spencer
Ever bike? Now that's something that makes life worth living! … Oh, to just grip your handlebars and lay down to it, and go ripping and ...
"Things Were Happening to Her"06.11.14
Alissa Wilkinson

In a much-quoted line from the pilot episode of HBO's Girls, 24-year-old Hannah Horvath tells her parents, "I think I may be the ...

Why We Still Need "The Feminine Mystique"07.02.14
Katelyn Beaty

Last fall, I joined more than 200 Christian women at the American Bible Society in central Manhattan to discuss identity, ambition, and vocational ...

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