Losing My Religion
Timothy Larsen

The back cover of this critical edition of Mrs. Humphry Ward's Robert Elsmere (1888) makes the staggering suggestion that that it "was ...

Against Sentimentality12.16.14
Lisa Ohlen Harris

Nine months before Joe Wilkins was born, his parents briefly escaped the harsh, arid landscape of Eastern Montana, known as the "Big ...

Brown Girl Dreaming01.22.15
Carissa Turner Smith

As a school-age child, the protagonist of Jacqueline Woodson's memoir Brown Girl Dreaming struggles with being compared to her "gifted" ...

Music as Story-Time12.17.14
John H. McWhorter

For musical theater fans who love Leonard Bernstein's scores, it is odd that Bernstein thought of this work as ancillary to his "real" ...

God’s Story in 66 Verses01.19.15

Respecting the whole arc of Scripture.

Anaphora on Orcas Island / Nepsis12.17.14
Scott Cairns

Anaphora on Orcas Island

To behold the sublime, one must first forgo all hope of standing clear, of standing far apart. One must ...
The Fear Exemption12.17.14
D. L. Mayfield

We all have a dual citizenship in the kingdom of the sick and the kingdom of the well.—Susan Sontag

Reading On Immunity: An Inoculation, ...

Dreams Become Reality12.17.14
Roberta Green Ahmanson

In the 1930s, the precocious Jewish New York intellectual Delmore Schwartz wrote a story called "In Dreams Begin Responsibilities," ...

Kelly J. Baker

"Writing an essay," Charles D'Ambrosio writes, "is a form of loitering—a lingering, a skulking, a meandering." ...

The View from the Glass Cage12.17.14
Alan Jacobs

Some years ago, Nicholas Carr published a long essay in The Atlantic called "Is Google Making Us Stupid?" He wrote of Google's ...

Watchman, What Do You See?12.16.14
Mark Noll

Matthew Kadane's "watchful clothier" was Joseph Ryder, a merchant who spent his entire life (1695-1768) in the north of England ...

Letter from the Editor12.17.14

I know we've talked about this aura—the evocative power of a date, a year—but "2015" has a science-fictiony resonance ...

Roz Chast’s World12.29.14

Two books from the great cartoonist.

The Carol of Seven Signs12.09.09
Walter Wangerin, Jr.

Editor's Note: For Christmas this year, we have reached into the vault for a poem by a writer I love, Walter Wangerin, Jr., first published ...

Remembering Richard Brautigan10.17.14
Kirby Olson

In early May 1974, I was in 12th grade in northeastern Pennsylvania. It was almost summer, and the sun was palpable through the windows of ...

In Memoriam: W. Dale Brown12.19.14
Jennifer L. Holberg et al.

Editor's Note: Jennifer Holberg asked folks who were involved with Dale's work through the years to comment briefly on the man and ...

Favorite Books of 201412.16.14
John Wilson

Once again I feel like a character from Philip K. Dick’s Now Wait for Last Year. Did someone slip JJ-180 into my buttermilk? At least ...

The Burning Room12.15.14

Harry Bosch has a new partner.

God the Engineer12.12.14
Robert O'Connor and Robert Bishop

There are many responses we might make to Casey Luskin's "Among Theistic Evolutionists, Still No Consensus on What's Wrong with ...

Linda McCullough Moore

One almost requires a handwritten invitation to take issue with the work of Marilynne Robinson. Her latest novel, Lila, revisiting the story ...

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