Dust or Ashes?
Virginia Stem Owens

Incredulity. Laughter. Even dismay. That's how my friends responded when I told them that my daughter and I were going to the National ...

And Many More ...04.23.14
Brett Foster and Mark Lewis

It's April 23, 2014, and so 450 years ago today (or thereabouts, give or take a day or three) William Shakespeare was born, or "Gulielmus" as ...

Alexandrian Attitudes04.17.14
Philip Jenkins

In 1973, Morton Smith announced a spectacular discovery that promised to reshape the understanding of the New Testament. The authenticity of ...

Let Every Age Show Wonderment04.18.14
Brett Foster

Sometimes a book that has been put aside for a while and unintentionally overlooked suddenly seems to glow and shimmer on its shelf. There may ...

The Splendid Splinter + Best Series Ever?04.17.14
Michael R. Stevens

Comprehensive biographies are always a risk, both to write and to read. So much information, so many details, such a risk to lose the thread. ...

George Bailey's Wonderful Universes04.27.11
Karl W. Giberson

Editor's Note: This article was first published in the May/June 2011 issue of Books & Culture. The author, Karl W. Giberson, is now ...

The Desert God at the Twin Towers02.20.14
Daniel Taylor

Richard Rodriguez is a master of the essay. I would even call him one of our most valuable public intellectuals, except, given our culture's ...

I Beg to Differ 04.13.14

Navigating Difficult Conversations with Truth and Love.

Baseball Extravaganza, Part 104.14.14
Michael R. Stevens

Early April in Michigan, at the tail end of the harshest winter in anyone's memory, and not long ago it was 7 degrees when I awakened. ...

Excursions & Arrivals02.20.14
Brett Foster
The sign at the corner of the property at the foot of the driveway—"No eighteen wheelers allowed in the church parking lot"—may ...
Two Tales of Technology04.09.14
Steve VanderLeest

Technology is woven deeply into the fabric of our culture. We find technical terms threaded into our language. We speak of someone "pushing ...

Saturday Is for Funerals04.07.14

Previewing the May/June issue.

"To Be Liked by You Would Be a Calamity"02.20.14
Kirby Olson

Marianne Moore needs to be read on her own terms. A co-founder of American modernist poetry—with Ezra Pound, T. S. Eliot, William Carlos ...

At Night We Walk in Circles04.03.14
Charles Carman

Daniel Alarcon's latest novel would have fallen into allegory if for an instant the plot appeared rigged. The story would have been soldered ...

Weapon of Self-Destruction01.01.06
Neil Gussman

Editor's Note: This article about the strange and admonitory history of the chemical weapon lewisite was first published in the January/February ...

Patience May Be Rewarded02.20.14
R. Stephen Warner

If one pays too much attention to the culture wars—to the right-wing jeremiads about moral collapse and left-wing celebrations of individual ...

Mind of Winter03.31.14
John Wilson

There are poets who write the occasional novel, with varying degrees of success—Kenneth Fearing's The Big Clock is one of the good ...

The Science of the Sermon02.20.14
Timothy Larsen

The 19th century was the "Age of the Sermon." It was also, however, as Keith A. Francis observes in his essay in this important ...

God's Totalitarians03.27.14
Eric Miller

God's Totalitarians were an audacious bunch. As World War II was wrecking any promise the Great War had left standing, one of them dared to ...

Bad Seed07.01.04
Philip Jenkins

Editor's Note: This review appeared in the July/August 2004 issue of Books & Culture. Advances in biotechnology in the decade since ...

A Way Through the Labyrinth02.20.14
Stephen N. Williams

Amongst the educated, fewer than ever in the English-speaking world are familiar with the world of Greek myth, and so the exploits of worthy ...

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