Your Fathers, Where Are They? And the Prophets, Do They Live Forever?
Charles Carman

Literature elaborates on the exclamations of human life. The cry of pain, of joy. The confession of love. The confession of murder. It has ...

the other journal10.20.14

Everyday theology.

In Buechnerland02.04.08
John Wilson

Editor's Note: On October 10, 2014, W. Dale Brown—founder and director of the Buechner Institute at King University (formerly King ...

Shouts from Beneath the Burqa08.20.14
Interview by Katelyn Beaty

I am shouting but you don't answer—

One day you'll look for me and I'll be gone from this world.

Such was the landay—a ...

Game of Shadows10.14.14
John Wilson

Have you noticed that—very often—when people talk about certain subjects that are especially close to your heart, you find yourself ...

Missions and Modernity in Colonial Africa08.20.14
David Hoekema

What was the relationship between Christian missions and European colonialism in West Africa? For decades Western and African historians ...

Filling the Void08.20.14
Catherine Hervey

Acclaimed South African novelist and playwright Zakes Mda's Sometimes There Is a Void: Memoirs of an Outsider begins in ruins. He is ...

A Romantic Racial Identity08.20.14
Lena Hill

Booker T. Washington received a congratulatory telegram from W. E. B. Du Bois shortly after he delivered his speech at the 1895 Atlanta Cotton ...

An African Jesus08.20.14
Peter T. Chattaway

The story of Jesus has become so familiar to us that we sometimes fail to grasp just how shocking, disturbing, or ultimately motivating it ...

Putting the Newspaper in Its Place08.20.14
David J. Davis

"What news, my lord?" This is Horatio's first question to the prince of Denmark after Hamlet has seen his father's ghost. ...

God's Wider Presence09.30.14
Brett Beasley

Many Wednesday nights as the youth group service drew to a close, my palms would begin to sweat. I could sense what was coming. Perhaps I ...

"Now Everything Is Easy Cause of You?"08.20.14
Sarah Ruden

I have given up mentoring as an "established" writer, with six backlisted books and growing but not exploding sales. I no longer ...

Letter from the Editor08.20.14

In the fiction section of our splendid Wheaton Public Library, the Grim Reaper is moving through the Bs. The evidence is on the library's ...

Signs of God's Faithfulness08.20.14
Interview by Todd C. Ream

Richard Mouw, Alvin Plantinga, Nicholas Wolterstorff, and George Marsden are just four scholars among many who spent their most formative ...

Evangelicalism Seen Afresh08.20.14
Darren Dochuk

Well into The Age of Evangelicalism, when charting the 1990s, Steven Miller attributes the success of the "emerging church" to ...

Spirit, Power, and Understanding08.20.14
Candy Gunther Brown

Comparative research on world Christianity has proliferated in recent years. Two new edited volumes, Spirit and Power and Christian Higher ...

Visions of Vocation09.23.14
Drew Moser, Jess Fankhauser, and Jeff Aupperle

The word "vocation" is loaded. It elicits a spectrum of strong opinions within the church; ranging from the angst-filled young ...

Get Prufrock09.22.14

An indispensable literary newsletter.

Charles Taylor Explained08.20.14
Robert Joustra

Let's be honest: Charles Taylor's A Secular Age is one of those intimidating tomes you keep hearing about; maybe (probably) you even ...

Darkness and Light in India09.18.14
Philip Yancey

The cows, always the cows, hundreds of them, thousands of them. They stand in a pack blocking traffic, take naps in the middle of a busy ...

Awareness: Raised08.20.14
D. L. Mayfield

For many, including myself, "trafficking" is synonymous with sexual exploitation and modern-day slavery. Denise Brennan, writing ...

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