Learning to Look
David Hooker

If you can find a way to get to Chicago before May 24, I urge you to do so. The Doris Salcedo exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art is ...

A Christian Buddha03.19.15
Terry C. Muck

When Wilfred Cantwell Smith (1916-2000) made his classic argument for viewing human religious history as a single historical story rather ...

Secrets of Book Reviewing 304.13.15

Sometimes your bright ideas don't pan out.

VII Haiku03.19.15
Gary Hotham


retracing our steps
snowflakes not waiting
for warmer days




gram's funeral spring's wild flowers showing their ...
It Is What It Is03.19.15
Tania Runyan

"Hedgehog Inadvertently Plays a Respectable Measure of Jazz Just By Walking Atop Piano Keys."

How could I not click on that headline ...

The Wuthnow Project03.19.15
Joseph Crespino

In 2003, Sufjan Stevens released an album titled Greetings From Michigan, the Great Lake State, a 15-track aural history of the 26th state. ...

The Future of the Catholic Literary Imagination04.02.15
Brett Foster

In February, a wide range of spiritual and literary types—writers, readers, editors, and thinkers largely consisting of Roman Catholics ...

No Alexandrian Romance03.19.15
Jerry Pattengale

Some books provide an arsenal of disparate facts that make for sitcom fodder. I can imagine a scene in Cheers with Cliff asking Lilith and ...

Secrets of Book Reviewing 203.30.15

An editor's not-so-occult revelations.

High Priests of Middlebrow Culture03.19.15
Elesha Coffman

Pastors have long admonished their flocks that faith isn't just for Sunday, and many a sermon has played on the theme, "Show me ...

Hellfire and Prophecy03.19.15
John G. Turner

One Sunday in the late 1990s, my wife and I drove into the countryside beyond Louisville, Kentucky, to attend a Reformed Baptist church. ...

Crow Fair03.23.15
Bruce Wiebe

"Now I see you again, and you are grown men, I must tell the truth. There doesn't seem to be much to either one of you." ("Crow ...

Katherine Paterson's World03.19.15
Rachel Marie Stone

When I was a child, I read and re-read books. To the frustration of my parents, my reading was decidedly indiscriminate: Frances Hodgson ...

"I Felt Like I Was Falling in Love"03.19.15
D. L. Mayfield

Nothing in my life makes sense, outside of God.
—Father Gregory Boyle

You've got to be able to imagine lives that are different from ...

Werewolf Cop03.12.15
John Wilson

Let's start with the trigger-warning. I'm not thinking about the violence—which is pretty much what any reasonable reader would ...

"Away with the Learning of Clerks!"03.19.15
Tom Shippey

The events of 1381 have long fascinated historians. To Marxists, "the peasants' revolt" was one of the great "might have ...

Jekyll or Hyde?03.19.15
Mark Noll

The evangelical segment of the American citizenry began to interest the nation's political savants in 1976. Although no one—then ...

Lost in the Cosmos03.19.15
Alan Jacobs

For fun, though possibly also for illumination, one might conveniently divide the fictions of the past hundred years into two large groups: ...

Something So Good, We Want to Share It03.04.10
Interview by Todd C. Ream and Brian C. Clark

Editor's Note: The March/April 2010 issue of Books & Culture included an interview with the Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh by Todd C. ...

The Novel as Protestant Art03.19.15
Joseph Bottum

So, here's a proposition: The novel was an art form—the art form—of the modern Protestant West, and as the main strength ...

Coming Attractions for 2015, Part 103.02.15

The Story of Science.

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