In Memoriam: W. Dale Brown
Jennifer L. Holberg et al.

Editor's Note: Jennifer Holberg asked folks who were involved with Dale's work through the years to comment briefly on the man and ...

Favorite Books of 201412.16.14
John Wilson

Once again I feel like a character from Philip K. Dick’s Now Wait for Last Year. Did someone slip JJ-180 into my buttermilk? At least ...

The Burning Room12.15.14

Harry Bosch has a new partner.

God the Engineer12.12.14
Robert O'Connor and Robert Bishop

There are many responses we might make to Casey Luskin's "Among Theistic Evolutionists, Still No Consensus on What's Wrong with ...

Linda McCullough Moore

One almost requires a handwritten invitation to take issue with the work of Marilynne Robinson. Her latest novel, Lila, revisiting the story ...

"Helping Without Hurting"12.08.14
Matthew Loftus

If you're looking to confirm a stereotype of American evangelicals, you'll probably find it at the Global Missions Health Conference (GMHC), ...

Time Machine10.17.14
Jane Zwart

David Mitchell's brilliant new novel, The Bone Clocks, spans roughly sixty years, half of them spent (1984 to the present), half not ...

Hillary Redux10.17.14
Amy E. Black

Hillary Rodham Clinton is the clear front-runner for the 2016 presidential race. She has yet to announce she is running, and she may opt ...

the man who was unnecessarily authoritarian with his coffee10.17.14
Aaron Belz
He said, "You will hold still while I drink you." And he said, "The matter is not up for discussion." He said, "After ...
Sunshine Wound12.02.14
Jeffrey Bilbro

L. S. Klatt paints much like Vincent van Gogh: both use bold, vibrant images formed from thick-laid colors. The difference is that Klatt paints ...

Star-Mapping, Almsgiving, Back-Flips10.17.14
Rachel Marie Stone

The science teacher from Philadelphia's Franklin Institute was young and pixie-like, her enthusiasm contagious as she used flashlights, ...

When the Wolf Comes Home11.26.14
Scott Dill

John Darnielle opens his new novel, Wolf in White Van, with a description of a father carrying his son to bed. This child, however, isn't ...

Theology as Prayer10.17.14
Alan G. Padgett

We Christians have a love-hate affair with bodies and with desire, or at least that has been true for most of us for most of our history. ...

John Wilson

Some years ago, I described the novelist and poet Marly Youmans as "the best-kept secret among contemporary American writers." ...

Treasure in Heaven10.17.14
John G. Stackhouse, Jr.

In his fine study of Sin: A History (Yale, 2010), Notre Dame professor of theology Gary Anderson rendered an understanding of his subject ...

"Responsible Remembrance"10.17.14
Amy Brown Hughes

Candida Moss has distinguished herself over the last few years as a productive scholar, especially on the subject of early Christian martyrdom. ...

Maigret, Newly Translated11.17.14

A reissue of Simenon’s great series.

Words and Deeds11.13.14
D. H. Dilbeck

William Tecumseh Sherman certainly had a way with words. Not long after he captured Atlanta in early September 1864, Sherman infamously expelled ...

Inerrancy: A Cartesian Faux-Pas?10.17.14
Russell W. Howell

"If I were asked what was the most disastrous moment in the history of Europe I should be strongly tempted to answer that it was that ...

Bigots Are Really Bigoted10.17.14
Naomi Schaefer Riley

If the people who run The Onion ever decide to launch an academic publishing arm, I have a manuscript to recommend. The only problem is that ...

Foreign Gods, Inc.11.11.14
Rachel Marie Stone

The bare skeleton of the plot of Okey Ndibe’s Foreign Gods, Inc.-- in fact, even the brief sketch on the jacket flap--has promise of ...

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