Into the Savage Country
Bruce Wiebe

A productive ethic guides the novelist Shannon Burke: Know the subject intimately, then write: "Fiction is about making the reader feel ...

Inequality and the American Family04.17.15
Anna Sutherland

In discussions of income inequality, conservatives are fond of pointing out that changes in family structure explain up to 40 percent of ...

The "Soul Is a Stranger in This World"01.17.14
Micah Mattix

Editor's Note: The poet Franz Wright died last week at the age of sixty-two. Here, in tribute to him, we're running a piece by Micah ...

The Road to Rome04.17.15
Timothy Larsen

My initial reaction to the claim in the subtitle of this celebrity biography was incredulity, but Richard Zoglin has convinced me that Bob ...

C. Kuipers, Mission Novelist04.17.15
James Calvin Schaap

In the hot summer of 1978, I pocketed Cornelius (Casey) Kuipers' Roaring Waters (1937) from a medical mission on the Mississippi delta ...

Hosts and Guests at the Editorial Table05.06.15
Evelyn Bence

Awaiting publication of my latest book, Room at My Table, I'd been asked to talk briefly to the Academy of Christian Editors. The topic? ...

Family History, Revisited04.17.15
Lauren F. Winner

It is a colonial commonplace that the metropole is described as "the mother country." The metaphor tells a particular story about ...

Missing the Point04.17.15
Sarah Ruden

I must have been only six or seven when my parents put me to work clearing the garden of potato beetles at five cents each. There weren't ...

What Hath Cuba to Do with Chicago?05.01.15
Michael R. Stevens

Editor's Note: This is part 2 of Michael R. Stevens' annual baseball extravaganza. Part 1, posted on Monday, took a fresh look at the integration ...

"Endlessly Overflowing"04.17.15
Rachel Marie Stone

Like many children, I loved iridescent things—glitter, tinsel, the sparkles on the bay at sunset, jewelry. One of my cherished possessions ...

The Integration of Baseball04.26.15
Michael R. Stevens

The final weekend of March hit hard in West Michigan, with the temperature in the mid-teens on Palm Sunday morning, and a snow flurry punctuating ...

“Inheritors of the Text”04.23.15
Brett Foster and Mark Lewis

Editor’s Note: This year, as we did a year ago to mark Shakespeare’s birthday, we are featuring a conversation between a poet who ...

Coleridge and the Maker04.17.15
Alan Jacobs

Coleridge's self-judgment and the judgment of posterity have often been one. In 1814, when he was forty-two and in the midst of a long ...

The Rhythmical Creation of Beauty03.19.15
Harry Lee Poe

We live in a culture that has largely lost its poetry—probably the only culture in human history to do so. At the end of the 19th century, ...

Learning to Look04.17.15
David Hooker

If you can find a way to get to Chicago before May 24, I urge you to do so. The Doris Salcedo exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art is ...

A Christian Buddha03.19.15
Terry C. Muck

When Wilfred Cantwell Smith (1916-2000) made his classic argument for viewing human religious history as a single historical story rather ...

Secrets of Book Reviewing 304.13.15

Sometimes your bright ideas don't pan out.

VII Haiku03.19.15
Gary Hotham


retracing our steps
snowflakes not waiting
for warmer days




gram's funeral spring's wild flowers showing their ...
It Is What It Is03.19.15
Tania Runyan

"Hedgehog Inadvertently Plays a Respectable Measure of Jazz Just By Walking Atop Piano Keys."

How could I not click on that headline ...

The Wuthnow Project03.19.15
Joseph Crespino

In 2003, Sufjan Stevens released an album titled Greetings From Michigan, the Great Lake State, a 15-track aural history of the 26th state. ...

The Future of the Catholic Literary Imagination04.02.15
Brett Foster

In February, a wide range of spiritual and literary types—writers, readers, editors, and thinkers largely consisting of Roman Catholics ...

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