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Rachel Marie Stone
The modest but stifled ambitions of Julia Ward Howe.
Paul Emory Putz
Christianity and the labor movement in Chicago.
Heath W. Carter
Reagan and the US in the 1980s.
Grant Wacker
On George Marsden.
Justin Taylor
From David Bebbington to David Barton.
Peter J. Thuesen
A history of the American Bible Society.
Gary Anderson
“Anyone who gives alms to the poor is lending to the Lord.”
Stranger In A Strange Land: Joseph Loconte
Susan Wise Bauer
The view from the Silk Road.
Robert Gundry
Who were—and are—the Samaritans?
Sarah Ruden
Lessons from the Armenian genocide.
Mark Noll
A global handbook of evangelicalism.
David Neff
A revisionist account of the Reformation.
Helen Andrews
Clerical celibacy in France, 1720-1815.
Donald A. Yerxa
Terrible, yes; not pointless.
John Witte, Jr.
Assessing an influential revisionist account.
Sarah Ruden
Mary Wollstonecraft and Mary Shelley.
Philip Jenkins
The life of Walatta Petros.
Michael Ledger-Lomas
The Kingdom of God in East London.
Timothy Larsen
The offense of unrepentant chastity.
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