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Matthew Kaemingk
The radical alternative of Abraham Kuyper.
Joel Robbins
The curious case of Christianity in the history of anthropology.
Matthew Dickerson
Everything is connected.
Douglas Wilson
Rousas Rushdoony and Christian Reconstruction.
Rachel Marie Stone
On Elizabeth Zimmermann.
Alan Jacobs
"Who are you and why?"
Mark Hutchinson
Lessons from Catholic higher education.
Rudy Nelson
Another look at Christianity and gangs in Guatemala.
Sarah Ruden
A snotty jeremiad.
David A. Hoekema
The 1996 Uganda kidnappings.
Philip Jenkins
Boko Haram.
Anna Sutherland
How growing income gaps shape relationships.
Todd C. Ream
Teachers, the public, and educational reform.
Perry L. Glanzer
The pathologies of élite education.
Noah Toly
Failing to account for the agency of the marginalized.
D. L. Mayfield
A prison chaplain's journey.
John G. Turner
From "Damned Nation" to "American Apocalypse."
Elesha Coffman
Bestsellers of liberal American religion.
Mark Noll
Two stories about American evangelicals.
Joseph Crespino
A trilogy on religious and political conservatism in modern America.
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