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Don W. King
Alister McGrath's biography of C. S. Lewis
Bruce Kuklick
A different kind of Philadelphia story.
Paul Willis
Ghassan Zaqtan and Fady Joudah.
Alan Jacobs
Loose talk about evolution and storytelling.
Richard J. Mouw
A biography of the Book of Mormon.
David Skeel
The poetry of Eugenio Montale.
Peter S. Hawkins
Poets attending to the Psalms.
Jane Zwart
A conversation with Jonathan Safran Foer.
Jeffrey Galbraith
The Roundheads' foes.
Philip Jenkins
Revisiting John Brunner's apocalypse.
Diane Glancy
Anna, a prophetess.
Timothy Jones
Larry Woiwode's measured words.
Alissa Wilkinson
The essays of John Jeremiah Sullivan.
Edward E. Ericson, Jr.
Late stories.
Aaron Belz
LaVonne Neff
A crime fiction series worth catching up with.
James C. Dekker
A Canadian story of darkness and grace.
Brett Foster
Jez Butterworth's Jerusalem.
Sarah Ruden
Anne Carson's Antigonick.
Mark Walhout
José Saramago.
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