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Secrets of Book Reviewing 2
An editor's not-so-occult revelations.
Coming Attractions for 2015, Part 1
The Story of Science.
The Novel as Protestant Art
Previewing the March/April issue of Books & Culture.
Secrets of Book-Reviewing
Episode 1.
God’s Story in 66 Verses
Respecting the whole arc of Scripture.
Roz Chast’s World
Two books from the great cartoonist.
The Burning Room
Harry Bosch has a new partner.
Maigret, Newly Translated
A reissue of Simenon’s great series.
The Tallgrass Prairie Reader
Glimpses of a lost world.
the other journal
Everyday theology.
Get Prufrock
An indispensable literary newsletter.
The Lewis Man
When the setting is also the "main character."
Immigration Information
Reliable, user-friendly, much needed.
Rooted Hope for the Church
The Englewood Review of Books.
Coming Attractions for 2014, Part 6
J. Richard Middleton’s “holistic eschatology.”
Library Discards
Take and read.
Close Call
A new Liz Carlyle novel from Stella Rimington.
Coming Attractions for 2014, Part 5
The Girl Next Door.
Celebrating Muriel Spark
A volume of her essays and a collection in her honor.
Reading a Different Story
A Christian scholar’s journey from America to Africa.
The way we see the future shapes our choices today.
Coming Attractions for 2014, Part 3
Emily St. John Mandel’s “Station Eleven.”
Love & Treasure
Ayelet Waldman’s powerful new novel.
I Beg to Differ
Navigating Difficult Conversations with Truth and Love.
Saturday Is for Funerals
Previewing the May/June issue.
Coming Attractions for 2014, Part 2
John Pattison and C. Christopher Smith: “Slow Church.”
The Longest Battle of the Great War
Some highlights from our March/April issue.
Seven Grams of Lead
Eavesdropping, e-bombs, and more: a smart, fast-paced thriller.
What Makes This Book So Great
Jo Walton on sci-fi and fantasy.
The Boy Detective
Roger Rosenblatt, on the case.
“How Do You Decide What Books to Review?”
It’s very subjective.
Bleeding Edge
Previewing the Jan/Feb issue.
C. S. Lewis and the Arts
A standout amid the outpouring of books on Lewis.
Podcast: Coming Attractions for 2014, Part 1
George Marsden on “The Twilight of the American Enlightenment.”
Hailstone Mountain
A tale set in Norway shortly after AD 1000.
The Breakfast of Champions
Previewing the November/December issue of B&C.
Christ Across the Disciplines
An outstanding collection of essays.
Coming Attractions for 2013, Part 4
A book of poems by Eugene Peterson.
Coming Attractions for 2013, Part 3
Andy Crouch on redeeming the gift of power.
Busy Day Busy People
Previewing the September/October issue of B&C.
A New Look for Image
With the same great content as always.
Global Christian Higher Ed / Reforming the Church's Music
The Summer 2013 issue of Christian Scholar’s Review.
In the Kettle, the Shriek
Hannah Stephenson’s first book of poems.
A Concise Guide to Bible Prophecy
Stan Guthrie’s helpful survey.
Three Children’s Books
Crayons, lights, and the boyhood of poet Pablo Neruda.
A Giant Lit Section—and More
Previewing the July/August issue.
The Incomparable Frederica Mathewes-Green
The history of Books & Culture through one writer.
The Best of the Best American Poetry
100 poems from 25 years of the annual anthology.
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