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John Wilson
Some titles to keep an eye out for.
David Skeel
Against the consensus account of America's formative years.
Ronald Hendel
Paying attention to the conversation.
Science in Focus: Daniel Burden
Groundbreaking advances in biomembrane science & technology.
John Wilson
Plus Books & Culture's Book of the Year
Nick Olson
A reader's story.
Lillian Daniel
Part "Handmaid's Tale," part "Scarlet Letter," part biblical parable.
Science in Focus: Allen T. Newton
Advances in medical imaging.
Jonathan M. Yeager
An in-depth view of early American evangelicalism.
Brett Foster
Spoken words worth the trip.
Science in Focus: Matthew Walhout
Captivating developments in quantum physics.
John Wilson
Historian James Patterson argues that 1965 "transformed America."
L. L. Barkat
Reading, walking, boundary-crossing.
LaVonne Neff
Light in the darkness.
Science in Focus: Jonathan Fitzgerald
A new lecture series debunks manufactured controversies.
Science in Focus: John Wilson
Wesley Hill
"Luminous sorrow."
Science in Focus: John Wilson
Preston Jones
The last testament of an eloquent atheist.
Mark Walhout
Salman Rushdie's memoir of his years in hiding.
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